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Our goal is to eliminate firearms incidents by
providing excellent training

We teach our students and Instructor Candidates the knowledge skills and attitude necessary for owning and using firearms safely.

The following courses are taught to individuals and groups. Get your Massachusetts LTC, FID and train for the Boston Police Range Qualifications


Who is this course for?

This course is for novice and experienced firearms enthusiasts who own a firearm or looking to get one.

What materials will you be provided?

All necessary materials provided unless otherwise stated.

The Course Outline:

Pistol safety, parts and operation
Three fundamental safe gun-handling rules
Three major handgun parts on each of the three action types
Safely demonstrate how to handle a handgun properly (all three types)
Ammunition and pistol shooting fundamentals
Determine proper ammunition for your handgun
Three types of cartridge malfunctions
Determine dominant eye
Explain range commands and procedures to follow
Discuss eight NRA rules when shooting and storing a handgun
Reiterate all five shooting fundamentals
Explain fundamentals of pistol shooting from the two handed standing position
Safely shoot a target from the two handed standing position
Pistol Cleaning, Storage, and Training
Identify materials needed to clean a handgun
Outline safety guidelines when cleaning a handgun
Explain how to store firearms and ammunition properly
Identify shooting sports, activities, and further training opportunities

Become an NRA Certified Instructor

To qualify as an NRA Certified Instructor:

  • Candidates must possess and demonstrate a solid background in firearm safety and shooting skills acquired through previous firearm training and/or previous shooting experience. Instructor candidates must be intimately familiar with each action type in the discipline they wish to be certified.
  • Candidates will be required to demonstrate solid and safe firearms handling skills required to be successful during an instructor training course by completing pre-course questionnaires and qualification exercises.
  • Candidates must satisfactorily complete an NRA Instructor Training Course in the discipline they wish to teach (e.g., NRA Basic Pistol Course), and receive the endorsement of NRA Training Counselor Sean P. Byrne.

NRA Instructor courses are discipline specific. During the course, candidates will learn NRA policies and procedures, basic public speaking skills, training methodology, use of a training team and training aids, organizing a course, building a budget, and finally preparing to teach. In addition, candidates will be provided the appropriate lesson plans and basic course student packets. Role-playing is a major part of an instructor course; therefore, the minimum class size should be at least four candidates, with 10-12 candidates being ideal. Candidates take turns working in teams, actually conducting portions of the course to other candidates who portray basic students.

Training Counselor Sean P. Byrne will evaluate candidates’ performance based on their ability to handle the firearms with confidence, use of appropriate training aids, following the lesson plans and meeting all learning objectives, while utilizing the teaching philosophies expected of NRA Certified Instructors. Candidates can also expect to learn the NRA discipline specific instructional methods and evaluating and improving the performance of beginning shooters. Candidates will be provided with the NRA Trainer’s Guide, appropriate Lesson Plans and Outlines, Basic Course Student handbooks, certificates, basic student examinations, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program booklet, Basic Firearm Training Programs Brochure, Gun Safety Rules brochure, NRA Trainer’s Examination and NRA discipline specific instructor examination (minimum passing grade is 90%).

Byrne Firearms Training offers the following Instructor ratings:

  • Instructor Basic Pistol Shooting
  • Personal Protection In The Home
  • Instructor Home Firearm Safety
  • Instructor Refuse To Be a Victim
  • Chief Range Safety Officer

What are students saying about Byrne Firearms Training?

“I have taken multiple handgun training courses.?Sean’s course is by far the most detailed and comprehensive. His method of training covers range practices, real life weapons management, situational strategies, and ownership legal responsibilities. ┬áThe best training I have experienced!”?Sincerely?George D Stoughton Ma.

“Excellent course and facility. Instructors are first-rate, friendly, and patient.”? Robert J. Bellingham Ma.

“Glad I took the course. I was a little apprehensive about taking the course and shooting. I feel much more comfortable after taking the course.? Ella S. Walpole Ma.

“This is a very un-intimidating beginner course. Instructors made us feel like no question was stupid. I loved it!” Kelly & Jay L. Plainville Ma.

“I am ready to grow into other guns. Thank you. Excellent course.” Eric N. Attleboro Ma.

“Good class, welcoming instructors, lots of one-on-one attention in the range, great resources. Thank you!” Edward C. N. Attleboro Ma.

“Great facility, great instructors, very thorough! Enjoyed it very much.” Steve C. Cranston R.I.

“As a beginner, I felt this course was informative and comprehensive.” Mike B. N. Attleboro Ma.

“Loved the course. It was an enjoyable day!” Erin K. Foxboro Ma.

“Excellent course – exceeded my expectations. Clone the instructor.” Christopher F. Walpole Ma.

“Very well structured course. I felt this instructor was top-quality skilled. This course was what I was expecting in all ways. Thanks.” J.W. Wrentham Ma.

“The course was great and I would HIGHLY recommend to others.” Gabe Q. Norwood Ma.

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I will highly recommend this class.”? Mary O. Dedham Ma.

“Course well laid out and instructors were well-learned on their areas.” Keith S. Dover Ma.